Updating Our Artwork

Our home has an ocean vibe. Both Match and I love being near the coast. If we could afford to live by the beach, we would in a heartbeat. So in our home, we’ve surrounded ourselves with coastal colors and a beach feel.

I’ve been wanting to get an ocean print for our wall for awhile now, but I had to find the right picture. I took this photo on our recent trip to the coast back in September.

I ordered a canvas print on http://www.canvaspress.com It was really easy to use I’ve ordered canvas prints before and they take a long time to load the preview. Their site was fast and checkout was painless. I’m so excited for it to ship! I’m hoping to put it on this wall in our entryway.

I’ll post a photo when  it arrives. I also really need to do something about that ugly air intake grate. One thing at a time.

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