Stress, Stress Go Away, Don’t Come Back Another Day

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Whatever you think separates the people of the world, there is one thing that we all have to deal with. A common enemy called stress. Everyone deals with stress from work deadlines, to heavy traffic to realizing….oh dear…there’s only a month until Christmas and you haven’t started shopping! Did you feel that? The rush of panic, the heart skipping a beat? Yep, that my friend is stress and you better believe it’s your biggest enemy, your arch nemesis.


Why do I say this? Well, when you’re in your thirties you start to think about a few things. Wrinkles, grey hair, sagging skin, gravity. Yes, they may not have shown their ugly faces just yet but give it time and guess what? Stress is the common culprit behind all of these little nuisances of ageing. Stress will age you faster than most and make you wonder whether if you search really hard on eBay, you might just find a picture for the attic. Dorian Grey references aside, there’s another issue with stress.


It damages your health, and some researchers even believe it can be linked as a cause to certain types of cancer. So, now that we’re in total agreement that it is indeed our shared nemesis, how on earth do we fight it?


Well to do that we need to look at what makes you feel stressed and then we’ll figure out why you can’t deal with these situations without getting all tense.


Red Alerts For Stress

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Waking up late has definitely got to be one of the main causes of stress. Let’s face it, if you wake up late, it can completely ruin a day before it has even begun. You will be in a mad rush to get ready which will always lead to you forgetting something be it the keys or the kid. You haven’t felt true stress until you get in the car to go to work and suddenly realise you haven’t got anyone in the backseat for the school drop off.


Work can also cause stress. Deadlines or worse yet, the fear that your job might be at risk. It’s understandable why fearing losing your job causes you stress. After all, redundancy is one of the major causes of debt in the USA. That, of course, leads to the fact that a lot of people stress about money. Money is certainly to be at least one of the issues where you feel stressed, going over the budget and finding you don’t have as much cash as you hoped.


Or how about relationships? When you feel the strain on your relationship, that can definitely cause stress. You’ve worked on your relationship together for years, and if one argument lasts too long, it can feel like a weight that you desperately want to break free from, thus causing you anxiety and yes stress.


So, these are just some of the issues that cause you stress, but interestingly enough they’re not the root of the problem. You see, if we’re honest situations like this don’t cause you stress. The real issue is that if you feel stress, you’re not handling the challenges these issues bring. That’s all these problems really are, a challenge that you have to conquer. Why is that?


I’m Just Not Good Under Pressure, Okay!

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This is usually the type of line you’ll hear from someone who is constantly stressed which is fair enough. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t change things. If we know the root of the issue, we can help you cope with stress far more effectively.


For instance, you might find that you’re not dealing with these situations well because you’re not getting enough sleep. There is a multitude of reasons why you might not be getting to sleep at night. Perhaps it’s because you are stressed in a chicken or the egg type scenario. Or maybe, the issue is simply how comfortable your bed is. If your bed isn’t comfortable at all, then there’s a good chance that you’re not going to get the level of sleep that you need. When we are sleep deprived our brain doesn’t reach the maximum potential. The electrons aren’t firing right, the neurons aren’t working well so how could we possibly be expected to deal with challenging situations.


The short answer is we can’t, and that’s why if an interviewee looks like a rabbit in headlights after one question it’s probably because they didn’t get enough sleep the night before. So, you could think about getting a new mattress for your bed. Read complaints here about some of the mattresses on sale right now and make your decision to find the right one for you. Remember, some people do sleep better with a firmer mattress because it provides better back support. Very rarely, you might need a brand new bed but typically speaking, the mattress is for comfort, the frame is generally just for the aesthetic.


Or perhaps it’s because you really are just someone who’s never really calm. If that’s the case, you should try meditation. This isn’t pseudoscience it really does work rather well. In fact, research has shown that Buddhist monks who have spent decades of their life meditating actually change the pathways in their brain. This might be why they seem so much calmer and content. Or, it could be because they have avoided all the issues in life that cause stress. Either way, meditation is worth a shot, and you don’t have to go overboard. A couple hours each week should give you enough of a refresh to allow you to notice a difference.


As you can see then, there are numerous issues that result in us feeling stressed but only a few root causes. Another example of a root cause would be your diet. You are what you eat may not be the throwaway comment that you think because eating junk and processed food has been shown to impact how you brain processes information. Eat healthier, and you might be able to deal with challenges in life far more calmly and rationally.


Goodluck beating the stress beast back in your life.

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