Perfect Timing: When Is The Right Time To Buy A Property

Personally, I believe everyone should try and own property at some point in their life. It’s simply the best investment you can make as it provides different benefits for you. By owning a property, you’re in charge of it and can do whatever you want with it. This might mean you live there for decades and it becomes a lovely family home. That’s a perfectly fine idea, you get a lot out of your property, and the price will gradually rise, meaning you can still sell it for a profit in the future. Alternatively, you might flip your property, or rent it out – both of which are sound ideas for anyone looking to invest and start a property portfolio.


The benefits of property investment are there for all to see. However, we mustn’t assume that your investment will always be a success. People think that making money from a property is very easy. In truth, it can be, but only when a lot of different things are lined up perfectly for you. One of those things is the timing of your purchase. Essentially; when is the best time to buy a property?


Make your purchase when conditions aren’t right, and you could lose a hell of a lot of money. I’ve heard of many people that think they have a prime property lined up, but they bought it when the time wasn’t right, and suffered. Had they been a little bit more patient, or acted quicker, conditions may have been better, and they wouldn’t have suffered a loss.


The tricky thing is, there are plenty of different factors at play that decides when the time is right to splash your cash. Furthermore, these factors can differ depending on the type of property you’re buying as well. Keeping all of this in mind, I’ve written a detailed guide of when you should invest in property. I’ve included all the main factors I can think of and explained everything in as much detail as possible.


So, if you’re keen to start buying property, read this guide before you spend any money.

Property Type

Right off the bat, the property type plays a huge role in when you should make a purchase. The way you approach some properties is significantly different to the way you approach others. Think about it, there’s such a diverse range of properties on the market today. Walk down one street, and you’ll see at least one house for sale, turn a corner, and there’ll be a condo or duplex for sale, walk a little bit further, and there’s an apartment on offer too. Each of these properties differs in some way from the other. Therefore, you can’t really have one rule that applies to all of them. As such, throughout this article, as I explain the key points I’ll make sure each property type is discussed so you know when it might be right to buy that particular one.


The Market

The property market you’re operating in will have a massive say in whether or not you should invest in property. Now, the general rule is that you should shy away from investments when the market is peaking. This means property prices are through the roof, and you’ll find it incredibly hard to purchase something for a decent price. Normally, this is where most people buy houses or apartments and spend way too much on them. You’re far better off waiting until the market flattens out a bit, so you get good value for money on all your property purchases. This is one of the few things that actually does apply to all properties. Regardless of what you’re buying, don’t spend money during peak market activity.


If possible, wait until the property market is at a low point. During times of economic recession, you can find houses on the market for dead cheap. This is for two reasons; one, people aren’t keen to spend a lot of money as the economy is poor. Two, people are keen to get money as quickly as possible, so they’re selling their houses at much lower prices. This means you can snag a serious bargain, not only on houses but on apartments too. For condos, duplexes, or other properties built as part of a development, you might not be able to find as good deals.

Development Stages

Development stages basically refer to the different stages in the life of property. You’ve got pre-development/planning, development/construction, then post development. The question is, when should you look at buying a property? This differs depending on the property you’re looking at. Personally, I think condos, duplexes, and apartments are good to buy during pre-development. This is because they’re often built in blocks and complexes, meaning loads are put up for sale at the same time. Developers sell them before they begin development to ensure there’s ample interest and it won’t be a waste of their time. As such, if you wait until after they’re constructed you might not find a decent property and could settle for less. Furthermore, if you buy a property in a pre-developed complex, you get it for the base price. Let’s say this complex proves to be extremely popular and loads of people are interested in moving there. What happens? The price of any remaining properties will rise. Consequently, wait too long, and you could pay too much.


Houses are slightly different in that you can get more value from them in the post-development stage. A house that’s already been around for twenty years will still be a fine house. But, it could be a lot cheaper than a brand new one that’s being built in the same area. In this scenario, it’s better to avoid investing in brand new houses. To sum up; think about buying condos, duplexes and apartments before they’re developed. For houses, look for older options of more value.

Your Age

Next, you have to take your age into account. Technically speaking, there is no right or wrong age to invest in any type of property. If you’re financially capable of making the investment, then it’s the right time for you. Having said that, there are arguments in favor of investing from a young age. If you buy a house in your twenties – or any other property – you give yourself more time to gain something from your investment. You have your whole life ahead of you for this property to increase in value or bring in rent money. The earlier you start investing, the earlier you can begin building a property portfolio. So, by the time you’re 40, you may have lots of property profits in your pockets and a decent number of houses/apartments/condos, etc. too.


My only advice is to be wary of the property you buy when you’re young. Yes, a house is the dream goal, but houses can often be the most expensive option. Especially if you’re looking at properties subjected to the same market conditions. It might be worth buying smaller properties like a condo or apartment before moving up to the bigger ones like houses and duplexes.


On that note, we’ve reached the end of this guide. I hope it’s provided you with some interesting and valuable information on investment timing. As a quick summary; pay attention to the type of property you’re buying, think about the current market status, consider the age of the property, and think about investing while you’re young. This should all add up to ensure you buy a property at the perfect time and reap the most rewards possible from it.


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