Halloween ’17

We had an epic Halloween this year. Piglet is at the perfect age for holidays. He was so into it!  Our family costume was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Wyatt was Michelangelo, I was April O’Neil (I couldn’t find the yellow pants, but I made due) and Match was an awesome Casey Jones. We watched the 90s TMNT movie to get in character. Piglet loved it, and it brought back so many memories of my childhood. In a word, it was radical.

We hosted a costume party a couple weekends before Halloween and invited a bunch of our close friends and their kiddos.

Piglet had the time of his life, and us parents had a great time too. We get along with all of the families, and it felt like we were having a group date while all the kids ran off and played.

On Halloween day, Piglet and I dressed up as ninja turtles together. He got such a kick out of us dressing up together. My work had trick or treating stations  set up, and Piglet was able to trick or treat in each office. I loved getting to show him off!

That night we had a blast taking him around our “hood”. We paired up with our neighbor friends, and we had so much fun watching them run up to doors and yell “trick or treat!” Piglet gave his shy friend confidence, and I was blown away at the difference between him from last year to this year. He’s so much more bold and far braver than I ever was. He even went to scary houses!



We spent the rest of the evening passing out candy to kids. We curled up on the front porch bench and read our bedtime stories outside so he wouldn’t miss anything. I love that kid, and I love that he’s as excited about holidays as I am. Until next Halloween, Cowabunga, dudes!




    Too cute! You can’t go wrong with TMNT.


    How fun! My little one wouldn’t wear her costume on Tuesday (she cried when my mom put it on her) so I’m going to try this weekend so I can get a picture LOL I am hoping next year will be better. She’s still too little to go trick or treating (18 months…not that other little ones her age weren’t out there, but she goes to bed early) but my mom took her to my dads work (school district office) and they had a potluck so she was going to wear her costume there. Oh well I guess.(also you wrote piglets name in your post, just a heads up since you don’t normally)


    You guys look sooo cute! I always like your costumes! I remember way back when you guys went as Alice and the White Rabbit! I didn’t end up dressing up, but since you ask I was planning on dressing up as I Love Lucy, and I probably would have dressed Link as a ghostbuster!

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