Winter Warmers: Indoor Hobbies To Try This Winter


With fall now in full flow, it feels like the whisper of winter is beginning to be felt on the wind. Before you know it, we’ll be plunged into a world of (what feels like) eternal darkness, not wanting to venture outside of the house for fear of chilling ourselves to the bone. While winter does have its upsides — Christmas is the main, glittering high point of the season — for the most part, it’s dark, miserable, and downright boring.


Yes, boring– admittedly not a word you have likely associated with winter before, but it’s true. Winter is dull. If you’re bored in summer, you can head outside, walk among nature, go shopping; you have the entire world spread out before you in terms of options. However, with winter, the desire to curl up in the warm is so intense that you feel you’re stuck in the house for weeks on end– so yes, winter can be incredibly boring.


If you want to try and ensure that you enjoy this winter as much as possible, here are five hobbies you can do take up; don’t worry, you won’t have to step outside for any of them!


1) Paper Crafting


Crafting is a great hobby for the colder seasons of fall and winter, because it literally demands that you stay indoors, where it’s warm, so you can focus on what you’re doing. Why not try making Christmas cards for your friends and family this year? Or perhaps even make your own Christmas ornaments; you can give them a personal touch that means there’s an extra smile on your season of goodwill this year.

2) Making Clothes


People making their own clothes is a hobby that has largely fallen out of popularity in recent years, as access to clothing — and the affordability of it — has become more common. Nevertheless, there is nothing quite like wearing an item of clothing that you have made for yourself. It can be tailored exactly to your measurements and shape, guaranteeing a good fit, and you can pick the materials and patterns that you want to use. If you’re a complete newbie to using a sewing machine, don’t worry; there’s a handy guide to finding a good sewing machine for beginners here, and there’s plenty of YouTube videos that can teach you how to use it.


3) Candle Making



Candles are a staple if you want to create that cozy feeling of being indoors in winter, but why not make this year a little different by making the candles for yourself? This is easier than it sounds, and it won’t cost you a fortune either. There are plenty of guides online that can help to get you started, from simple beeswax candles to more elaborate fragranced candles made from paraffin. It’s a great hobby to share with your kids too, and you never know, you might even discover a special skill and be able to sell your wares outside of the home!


Winter doesn’t have to be a dark and miserable experience. Make the most of the time you’ll spend indoors by introducing a brand new hobby that you will love right through to spring.

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