It’s A Nice Day For A… Winter Wedding

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The fall is upon us and those of us with kids are nestling in that interstice between getting over the crazy back to school rush and contemplating pumpkin carving designs. The grey drizzly weather can lead us to feel mournful and while many of us have Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to there are some for whom this is a sad time of year. For the recently betrothed however, this time could be the lead up to something very special and exciting indeed. While many spend countless hours daydreaming about their perfect wedding, few are aware of the myriad benefits of getting married in the winter. Winter is, after all as magical a time as summer in different ways, and while the sun may not be on your side, there are plenty of other benefits.


Amazing photo ops


Snow and ice are always magical to behold through the lens of a talented photographer and enlisting the skills of a capple shutterbug like Vittore Buzzi photographer can lend your wedding album an ethereal Disney-esque magic that summer weddings frankly struggle to touch. When dazzled friends look through your wedding album, they won’t remember the cold, they’ll just remember the beauty of the occasion.


It’s less stressful


While there’s obviously an element of stress to wedding planning, those who get married in warmer months tend to experience it more intensely. Weddings that take place in the summer, fall or spring, are far more dependent on fair weather whereas winter weddings take unhelpful weather as a given and plan around the weather accordingly, making them far less febrile in the lead up to their big day.


Better venue availability and rates


Great venues tend to fill up really quickly in the fairer months, leading couples to make difficult compromises on their preferred wedding day or even postponing their big day for another year. Venues and vendors tend to pack weddings together and jack up the price in the hopes of making enough of a profit to see them through the slower months. Conversely, those who get married in winter not only have a better choice of dates, but also enjoy a more personal and less rushed service as well as attractively reduced seasonal rates.


Travel and accommodation tend to be cheaper


When you have friends and family coming from far and wide to be a part of your big day, it’s a huge ask to expect them to pay the seasonally jacked-up prices that beset the summer when the kids are out of school and summer vacations begin in earnest. Winter weddings are much more manageable for guests because they generally mean cheaper flights and hotel accommodation so there’s much less chance of someone you dearly love not being able to make it because of exorbitant travel costs.


Less chance of wedding fatigue


Come on, admit it. At least once you’ve rolled your eyes at the proliferation of weddings that occur every ‘wedding season’. Attending one wedding after another can not only be exhausting, it can be a serious strain on your finances. Resultantly, each wedding has a little less sparkle than the one before. This is not a problem for those who opt for a winter wedding.


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