Goodbye My Furbaby

Today we said goodbye to our furbaby, Oscar, or as I called him on the blog, Monkey. I had him for fourteen long years, all through college, through my awkward dating years, and finally when I met the love of my life.

He was a crazy, sometimes pain in the butt, too smart for his own good, kind, silly, and wonderful doggie. I will never forget how he comforted us when we were grieving for Roo, how he let me sob into his fur. Or how he made me feel safe all those nights when Match worked as a cop, and kept the loneliness at bay.

He was always so good with Piglet, always standing guard over him, never snapping or growling as I feared he might with a new baby.  He wanted nothing more than a treat and a pat on the head. I know he’s out there running on that great big farm in the sky.

Good boy, Oski. We love you.



    Ah Mrs Match, I’m so sorry to hear this. Dogs are such a huge part of the family. I had to re-home one of my dogs a few weeks ago due to personal circumstances and it’s was such a difficult decision.
    Run free at rainbow bridge, Monkey xx


    Oh, I’m so, so sorry 🙁 So many hugs to you!

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