Loneliness at Work

I don’t often blog about my work. Heck, I don’t often blog anymore, mostly because I’ve been busy AT work.

My job started off as a simple school year job, where I worked at a school doing simple tech support. Over the last 2 years, it has morphed into a district position, where I am on a team of 6 that supports our rather larger district. Going further, I’m being groomed for a leadership role to my team. It’s something I’ve been working towards since I started, and in so many ways I could not be happier.

On the other hand, it’s an incredibly lonely place to be. Where once I was a peer, given a peer amongst some rather socially awkward standard nerds, but still, a peer. Now I’m in this horrible gray area where I don’t quite feel like I can be pals with my co-workers. I also don’t feel like I can be buddy-buddy with my boss or any of the higher level admins. I have one foot in each world, but I don’t belong to either.

In so many ways I finally love my job. Once the promotion is official, I hope that I will feel less like I’m in the middle, but sometimes I wonder. It makes me question my decision to get into leadership, though I just don’t think I can settle to be a cog in the machine anymore.

It doesn’t help that Match has been working a ton of overtime. Summer is the busy season in the electrical trade. He is so good about being an ear to listen, but sometimes I wish I had a partner in crime at work I could pal with. At least the new office also has a communal break room. I find myself lunching with people in different departments, which helps a lot.

Is there anyone else out there in the same boat? Do you feel lonely among your peers?

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