Old Married Couple and Memory Lane

Last night, Old Married Couple stopped by for a visit. We had a relaxing evening, drinking beers and reminiscing about old times. We looked through old pictures from our college days, and I couldn’t believe how far we’ve come. Have I mentioned that they moved to Oregon last year? It’s crazy to think we’re both living in a new state, after going through our college years together.



I’m still sad when I think of those lost years, where I let my grief get in the way of our friendship. But I’m so grateful that they were willing to accept my apology, and that we have reconnected as friends. Once again, Match and I were reminded of how happy we are with our choice to become Oregonians, and how we are so much happier here than we were in our old life. Old Married Couple seem happier than ever, and they are loving the Oregon life as much as we are.

I went to bed with a happy heart. Grateful for new and old memories, and for getting older with life-long friends.


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    awwww, what a sweet post this is 🙂 (also DAYUM! Your friend is tall!!). It’s so incredible to have these friends in our life after all these years. And I’m so glad that they forgave you all those years later for something that perhaps was going on in your life at the time of your friendship… how could they not? You are such a wonderful friend!!


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