Living Room Built Ins-Phase 2 Wood Accent Wall

Remember Phase 1 of our living room project? I scored oak bookshelves off Craiglist, and made this upgrade in our living room.


Well, Match finished off Phase 2 yesterday, and I am so, so, so happy with the results.


It ties the whole house together, and matches our closet mud room, and even the shutters outside.


Here is the progression of the living room.


We may do a mantel as well, but I worry that we’ll end up ruining the look. What are your thoughts? Would you add a mantel, or leave it as it is?

One Comment


    OMG, you did SUCH a great job! I love how everything ties in together and how uncluttered it looks. Personally, I think I like it without the mantel, but that’s just because I think the space looks perfect (and very grown-up, if I might say!).


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