Piglet’s Train Room


When we moved into our new home, we promised our train obsessed toddler that we’d give him a train themed room. Then my youngest brother even got him his own HO train for his birthday, and the idea for a ceiling train track came up. Match and I both wanted to do it, and we finally found the time last weekend. Can I just say that Match is amazing? He built the whole train shelf in one day! I helped out by painting, but I have to give him all the credit for making this amazing train shelf become a reality.



Piglet loves it, but he does complain that it’s too loud. Sigh, there is just no pleasing a toddler, is there? 😉 I know eventually he won’t be as sensitive to noise. We still need to figure out a way to hide the wiring and wire it to a switch. I know that’s something Match can do.


I scored this awesome vintage Lionel train clock at an antique shop here in town, for less than $15 bucks! Can you believe it? It even whistles and dings a bell, and the train goes around the clock on the hour. We had to take the batteries out during naptime and at night, because it is super loud. For some reason that loud noise doesn’t bother him, just the train going around the track. Lol, toddler logic.


I love his room. Someday I’d like to build him a bed frame for his new big boy mattress.


It’d be even better if we could make it a train shaped bed, but that might be getting excessive.







    Absolutely adorable! He looks so happy!


    Awwwwwwww! <3 And the fact that you both put your mark into building this for your son–he's lucky to have such devoted and incredible parents! XOXO

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