The Nine Biggest Mistakes Brides Make When Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is something that all brides look forward to doing. It’s exciting, interesting, and a once in a lifetime opportunity. The issue with wedding planning is that a lot of stress comes with it, which can lead to mistakes being made. Of course, most mistakes are easily fixable and can be sorted in just a few minutes. However, there are some mistakes that can have a big impact on your special day.


You only get one wedding day, and so, the chances are, you want it to be as close to perfect as possible. Small blunders like the wrong playlist being played at your reception is one thing, the wrong cars arriving is another. Planning a wedding takes a lot of time, money and effort, so it’s no wonder you want it to be as perfect as possible. To help you ensure that your wedding days goes without any major hitches, here are nine of the biggest mistakes to avoid making.


  1. Not doing the guest list first




The guest list should always be done before anything else. Without an idea of how many people you have attending, it’s impossible to know which venues will be suitable. As well as how much to budget for things like food, alcohol, and transport.


  1. Buying a wedding dress in your dream size


So you’re dreaming of dropping two dress sizes by your wedding day. That’s great, but whatever you do, don’t buy a wedding dress that’s two sizes smaller than your current size. It’s a recipe for total disaster. Instead, buy a dress that fits you perfectly now, and then, if you shed all the weight that you want to, have it altered.


  1. Picking a venue without thinking it through




Don’t rush into choosing a venue, take the time to think it through. Say you fall in love with a wedding venue like Clevedon Hall, don’t rush into booking it. Go and see it, take into account how many people it can hold, and ensure it fits your wedding theme. You don’t want to book a venue and then find that it’s not right for you.


  1. Not having a to-do list


Planning a wedding requires organisation, so it’s essential that you have a to-do list. This is important as by having a to-do list you can ensure that you don’t forget to do anything. If you put dates by each task, you can make sure that you do everything in the right order.


  1. Doing it all by yourself


Whatever you do, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Instead of trying to deal with every aspect of your wedding planning yourself, don’t be afraid to accept help. Your partner and bridesmaids are there to help.


  1. Forgetting to budget effectively



If you’ve only got a certain amount to spend on your wedding, it’s essential that you budget effectively. If you fail to do this, you’ll end up spending more than you can afford. So keeping your budget in mind at all times is important.


  1. Being too picky


Don’t be too picky about things. Yes, it’s your special day, and you want it to be perfect, but that doesn’t mean you should turn into bridezilla. Stressing about the perfect shade of white for your table linens is taking things a step too far.


  1. Leaving your seating plan until the last minute


It might be boring, but it’s an essential part of your big day. If you want to ensure that everyone sits where they’re meant to, it’s important to ensure that you get your seating plan sorted at least a week in advance.


  1. Having a strict wedding day schedule


Last but not least, don’t make the mistake of having a strict wedding day schedule. You want everything to be perfect, but you don’t want to be stressing about things running slightly later than you thought they would. Have a schedule of what needs to be done, but don’t put strict time constraints on each thing.


Take these mistakes on board and you can ensure that you don’t make the same ones with your big day.


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