The Guest Room

So I’m completely obsessed with homemade chalk paint now. I mean where has this been all my life?? I would have done so many more projects at our first home.

Here’s the guest room desk that I made over recently.


I scored this desk at the good will for $10! I am so happy with how it turned out, and that I managed to find a desk to fit our small guest space. The after picture isn’t the greatest. I forgot to take one of just the desk before putting everything on it, but you get the idea:





It’s a simple room, but I like to think it’s homey. Here’s the sign I re-painted, also with chalk paint.


Now if we could just get a couple overnight guests. Geeky and her family are talking about coming over for a visit soon! I really hope they do. I haven’t seen her and her family since January. Do you have a guest room? Does anyone ever use it?




    We do have a guest room, but it rarely gets used by guests. We recently converted one room from our rec room to the guest room so that we could make the original guest room into the nursery. Its also our den, storage area, and dog crate room LOL the room used to be a carport and was enclosed long before we bought the house, so its an extra large room. My BIL and his family (there are 6 of them total) come and stay the night or weekend every few months, but they choose to stay in our camp trailer instead of the guest room. So, only my late MIL has ever stayed in the guest room once before she passed away. No one else has stayed in there.


    I love how you transformed that desk! Sadly we’ve only had an overnight guest or two, but I look forward to more space so we can actually entertain (it’s a bit difficult when you live in a 1-bedroom apartment, lol).

    Love chalkboard projects–so much fun!

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