Our New Home

It’s been a few weeks since we moved into the house, and we’re finally getting all settled in. We did a lot of work to personalize the house and make it out own, and I’m so happy with how it all turned out. Like any homeowners, we still have a list of projects we’d love to do, but we’re feeling very happy in the new house.

Here are a few before and afters of the new place. One of the first things I wanted to do was finally get the white kitchen cabinets I’ve always dreamed about. So my sweet husband made it happen! We made our own chalk paint, and he turned our boring builder grade kitchen into this beautiful crisp and clean kitchen. I also scored an awesome hutch that we are using as a pantry. I feel like it was meant to be in the space.

3474 Harvest Dr

We would still like to do a backsplash, and I would love to paint the rest of the walls, so it’s not white on white, but I’m so sick of painting. That’s going to be a summer project. Then there’s the floors, not to mention the counters. As Match says, it’s like the book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, but instead, If You Give a Wife a House… 🙂 He’s so right, because after every project we complete, I’m already thinking of the next one!

Here’s another of the kitchen. I can’t tell you how in love with chalk paint I am. We used a polyacrylic for the finish, and spills and dirt just wipe right off. It’s amazing, and NO SANDING! Seriously, such a great invention. Ours was dirt cheap because we mixed regular latex paint with plaster of paris, and it went a long way.


I just love my kitchen cabinets! They are so crisp and clean looking, and I think it makes the room look bigger.

Speaking of projects, here’s another one he just finished up in time for Mother’s Day. My beautiful closet turned mudroom.


All of the wood is reclaimed wood he salvaged from his last job, as a woodworker, so it was all 100% free. Pretty great, right? I love how it came together, and it’s probably the most practical of our projects. We use that space every day, and it’s great for encouraging guests to remove their shoes as well. I’ve removed the door since taking this picture, and I like it even more. It opens up the space and makes the hallway look bigger. I still need to re-paint the trim so the paint pops a bit more.


Speaking of paint, I had such high hopes for gray interiors. When we looked at some of the paints, we worried they’d be too dark in our small house. We went the safe route with a very light gray, and now I feel like it’s too light. In some lights it looks almost white. But it has blue undertones, and it goes well with our decor. I’m not unhappy with it, but I do wish it had just a little more…pop. I think once I re-paint the baseboards and doors white, it will help some. Oh, Match also updated my table, adding more of a rustic look to the top. He also added another layer of poly, and it’s really helped with clean ups. This man and his talents, I tell ya! I’m a lucky lady.


Here’s the rest of the home, except for the living room. I’m saving that picture for after we do built ins (hopefully!). I’d love to do some like our old house. I’m also tweaking the room and Match is working on yet another DIY project for me, this time a wood crate for Monkey. I can’t wait to show you!

pigletsroom pigletsroom2

Piglet’s room is still a work in progress, but I love it so far. He has way too many stuffed animals, and they’re sort of taking over. We have upgraded his decor to a “big boy” train room. I’m hoping to expand on the theme, but right now it means his train table is in there, and I modge podged his name letters with his favorite Thomas characters. pigletsroom3

I love the color on Piglet’s walls. It was already painted when we moved in. Same goes for the master bedroom.


The master bath was a murdery red. Who on earth thinks bright red equals relaxing bathroom? So happy we painted over that color. Please disregard my terrible ability to take a decent photo. In my defense, the before pictures were professional ones from the listing. I think you still get the idea.


We used the same blue in Piglet’s bathroom as we did in the master. Painting the cabinets really lightened everything up. I can’t wait to tackle that linoleum someday.



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    The hutch totally looks like it was built there. I have been dreaming of a pantry, I am definitely going to keep this idea in mind!

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