Friday Five: King Rat

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1. We have been battling with a really disgusting issue at our rental home: RATS. Ew, ew, ew! We are clean people, and I’m so mortified that they came into our home. They tunneled under the house and then found a way into the garage. We ended up killing five in the garage, called the landlord repeatedly, told him we were sure they’d end up in the house. Slumlord did NOTHING. Eventually they found their way under our dishwasher. ACK! We ended up killing one we nicknamed “King rat”. It was so, so, so gross. We think there still might be another one. The landlord finally came back out and proofed the house better, and we haven’t heard any activity lately. Still, I cannot wait to leave this place and get our own!!

2. This warm weather has made it feel like it’s already summer. Kinder Friend and her kids, along with Fliz, came out for a fun afternoon adventure by the river. It was such a nice afternoon, and it made me excited for summer fun!

3. Baby Animal day last weekend was a hit. Piglet loved all the animals, and he got to build another planter box, this time with Daddy! I was glad we got there early, as it was jam packed within the hour. My favorite part was watching Piglet’s face light up when he got to hold a baby guinea pig.

4. We are closing early on the house! I’m so so excited. We sign papers Monday, and then we should be getting the keys by Wednesday or Thursday.

5. My Pinterest has been blowing up with all of my ideas for the new home. I cannot wait to get in there and get started! First thing is going to be painting every single wall. I’m tired just thinking about it!

5 Pictures

1. King Rat-so gross, but seriously you guys, this was IN MY HOUSE!

IMAG1133 (1)

2. River fun


3. Baby animal day


4. Pizza parlor after the river with his best buddie

5. Our new house-as of next week!!



    Meghan Furst

    Congrats on your new home! I’ve been trying to buy one for several years & just cannot scrape up the cash. Each year the potential house costs more & more. At least we don’t have rats here. Yuck – Yuck – Yuck! How didja kill him?

    Emmymom (@Emmymom2)

    Oh my gosh I would freak if I saw that rat in my house! So glad you will soon be in your own home, and congrats by the way! So awesome!! The weather is so crazy, 90 one day and 50’s and raining the next. Both of which are two extreme for this wimpy girl 😉 Thanks so much for linking up!

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