It’s Going to be a Wedding Year

This year, Match and I have been invited to not one, but three weddings. One is with his cousin in California, which we may not make it to. One is another of his cousins, up north in Washington, which we are planning to attend and go camping. The third, and most exciting, is Miss PhD’s wedding! I have been waiting for YEARS for her to meet the right guy, and she finally did! On Match, just like we did. Don’t you just love it? I’m even more excited that we absolutely love her guy. He’s perfect for her, and totally worth the wait. I just wish they lived closer than four hours away from us, so we could do more couple dates with them. Oh, and they just so happen to be getting married at the same place that Match proposed to me. Could it be any more romantic?! I can’t wait!

Wedding photo backdrops set for pictures

I caught up with Miss PhD on the phone recently, and we brainstormed fun bachelorette party ideas. She’s decided she wants to do a wine tasting weekend away with the girls. The best part? She picked my hometown! So even though I’ll be “getting away” I won’t be too far from little man if he needs me. We’ll be renting a house and then going wine tasting, hopefully in a limo. I haven’t ridden in a limo for over a decade, so I’m super excited about this. I also haven’t been wine tasting in a very long time, or had a girl’s night out in awhile.

After wine tasting, I’m sure we’ll do dinner and drinks out and about town. Or maybe we will stay in, and we can look up how to give yourself a manicure and pedicure at home. I’m going to see if I can find some great old pictures to share of Miss PhD back from our younger years, just to embarrass her a little. We have been friends since we were in elementary school, so I have a lot of embarrassing photos to choose from. No matter what we do for the party, it’s going to be a fabulous time!


Since becoming a mama, I find that I have put my appearance on the back burner. I don’t always remember to do my nails, I always forget to get my hair cut, and I am lucky if I remember to shave my legs a couple times a week! My mind has become occupied with all things Piglet, and then of course work, being a wife, and being a woman is pretty low on the list. So I’m grateful for events like this bachelorette party to remind me that along with all of those other titles, I’m still me. I may not be the most girly girl, but once in awhile it is so nice to set aside time to pamper myself. I am really looking forward to doing that! Do any of you other mamas find that you forget to keep up your appearance with everything else on your to do list, or is it just me?

I’m excited for the other weddings as well, and a chance to be wedding guests. There is something so fun about weddings, something that makes you fall in love with your partner all over again, isn’t there? I can’t wait to dance with Match, let loose a little bit, and have some grown up fun together. We so rarely get the chance to have date nights, and what better place for a date than a wedding? All three weddings have been a long time coming, and we are so happy to celebrate the love of each of them.

Of course with all of these weddings come costs. I have been checking the registries and planning my budget around three separate wedding gifts. Yikes! I plan to use some of my mileage reimbursement checks to pay for some of them. For the out of state wedding, we probably won’t be able to attend, so we’ll try to send a nicer gift.

I love watching the couple at the beginning of this new chapter. I love every moment, from that first glimpse of the bride, to the vows, to the toasts at dinner. I love watching the groom see her for the first time, and it’s even better if they both tear up at some point during the ceremony. Sigh, weddings are totally my thing. This is going to be a great year. Do you have any weddings to attend this year? What is your favorite part about being a wedding guest?

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