6 Of The Most Unique Date-Night Ideas

No more nights in watching TV. No more dinner and drinks at the same old place. And certainly no more disappointing attempts at having a successful date with your loved one. Shake things up with these unique ideas.


Go Hot Air Ballooning



Up, up, up and away! Something on many people’s bucket list is hot air -ballooning. So why have you never done it before? It might be a bit more expensive than a bus-ride, but that’s what savings accounts are for. It could well be the best date of your life.


Liveblog about your date


Going on a first date and want to see just how brave your partner is? See if they’re up for Live Blogging what happens. Choose a hashtag and both update through the night. The catch? You’re not allowed to see what the other ones is posting. All being well you should have some pretty funny stuff to discuss and compare by the end of the night!


Learn a new language together


This idea takes a little more commitment. A couple of hours each week, in fact! But by taking an evening language class together, you get to learn a new skill and spend time together. By committing to the class, you’ll then be able to carve out a certain amount of time for each other on a regular basis. You could be serenading each other in Spanish on the drive home in no time!


Travel, and travel well!


You’ll need a bit of a budget for this, and some patience too! Maybe a few months or years planning too. But how about organising a trip of a lifetime? Every week you can spend an hour together making plans. Look at brochures, discuss budgets and make an itinerary. It might be hard work, but it’s sure to be worth it. Or, save yourself a heap of cash and go for free by scouting out great travel competitions. There is a pretty snazzy Valentine’s Day competition here, for example.


Scare yourselves


One great way to strengthen your relationship is to challenge yourselves to do something different! Do something everyday that scares you, the saying goes. So get out there and do something terrifying! Think bungee-jumps, skydiving and paragliding if you’re not usually an adrenaline junky. Or, to get your heart thumping in a different way, visit a haunted house. Boo!



Make the usual unusual


That being said, maybe you love the more traditional things. That’s okay too. Just think up a way to differently. So, if you love eating out, try a cuisine that you’ve never tried before. More and more types are popping up all over the world now. Or, if you adore movie nights, find a more unusual venue. Think rooftop cinemas or churches.


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    I literally was JUST talking about taking a hot air balloon ride. I know there are abandoned fields in Pennsylvania where they do this, but I feel like it's totally a Cali activity that I'd love to do 🙂

    Also I love traveling together–even if only for a quick weekend trip–it's great to get out there and explore and eat in new places. Love the airplane photo of you two together. CUTES!!


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