2015 Goal List: The results are in!

2015 Goals/To Do List:

Financial: This was the one category I completed and managed to excel at. Thank you home sale for allowing us to become DEBT FREE!!

  • Pay off Match’s student loan
  • Pay off my student loan
  • Pay off Truck
  • Pay off Ford car loan
  • Become completely debt free

Personal Growth:

  • Lose the 10 pounds I gained in all the stress of moving out of state (umm didn’t gain, but definitely didn’t lose)
  • Get a job
  • Meet a blog friend in real life
  • Read at least 60 Books this year (38 read so far) Didn’t read as many this year
  • Have Piglet fully potty trained by the end of the year
  • Make something special for Geeky’s baby shower (Didn’t make anything but I sent a nice gift. Wish I could have been there!

Travel & Family Adventures: I epic failed on all these. We traveled, but we didn’t do many things locally as I would have liked. Maybe next year!

  • Visit the Columbia Gorge
  • Visit the Portland Zoo
  • Explore the Japanese Tea Gardens in Portland
  • Hike Silver Falls
  • Visit Imagine Play in McMinnville
  • Take Piglet to OMSI
  • Take Piglet on the Polar Express
  • Teach Piglet how to swim

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