2016 So Far

Life has been busy as usual with two working parents and a rambunctious toddler. My spare time is spent soaking up quiet moments after work with my little one.


We also signed Piglet up for tumbling classes this year. Every Saturday we get to watch him do forward rolls, wall stands, balance beam, tunnel crawling, and the bar. His instructor says he’s a natural. He loves it!


Our friends Wine Couple and their kiddo are also in the class, so the boys are having fun spending time together.

Match just celebrated his 32nd birthday on Wednesday. Piglet and I had fun making him a cute card.


“No ifs, ands or butts about it, hands down you’re the best dada!” Is that not just the cutest booty print ever?

We went over to Adventure Couple’s house for a belated celebration dinner.


I love watching the kiddos play together.


My favorite part was their hide and seek game. Piglet loves to hide and then shout “here I am!” and pop his little head up. It’s hilarious!


I’m looking forward to what this year will bring. Piglet’s 3rd birthday is just a few months away (WOW!). I keep hoping that we’ll be spending his birthday in a home of our own by then. If not this year, definitely next. I’m optimistic about the future, and this year feels like a year of big changes. Bring it on 2016, we are ready!


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