Piglet Meets Santa

On the first weekend of December, we took Piglet to meet Santa. I feel like I failed as a mother for not introducing him to Santa when he was a baby. I don’t have that classic baby crying in Santa’s arms photo. I also sort of love that when he first met Santa, he understood a bit more about him. He has seen some Christmas movies, and he has that little boy imagination. I wondered how he would react when he actually met him in person.

First, he was so excited that Santa was at a converted train depot. While we waited in line, a little Christmas elf passed out popcorn to the kids. We brought along our friend Fliz, Piglet’s favorite “Auntie”. They had fun waiting in line together.



Then it was time to meet the big guy. Piglet marched right up to him and introduced himself and shook Santa’s hand. It was so darn cute! I love that he’s this tiny little gentleman. When he came back, I asked him if he told Santa what he wanted for Christmas and he said, “No I just said hi my name is Wyatt.” I love that he’s not at the “gimme gimme” stage. He was just happy to meet him!



After meeting Santa, we got to go for a carriage ride! Did I mention that all of this was free? It was put on by the local winery. I love where we live! Piglet was so into the carriage ride, and kept telling us over and over, “we’re riding in a carriage!”





I love this stage, and how magical everything is through Piglet’s eyes. I hope he never loses that sense of Christmas magic.

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    Adorable! What a little gentleman ?

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