Laundry Room Budget Makeover

I use the term “makeover” rather loosely here. If we weren’t renting, I’d have done so much more to this room. Since we are renters, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on updates, but I couldn’t stand the clutter.

Here’s the before:




Can I just stop a minute and tell you how annoyed I am that the builder didn’t install cabinets in here? I mean come on! It’s the perfect space for them, and they wouldn’t have cost that much. It would have added so much more functionality to the small space.

As I said, if I owned our home, I would have installed cabinets, and probably a custom table top for foldding. Instead, I spent $12 on a wire rack from Amazon, and voila, instant makeover!


I also decided to add a little character to the space. Using some inspiration from Pinterest, this is what I came up with:


Yes that is Piglet’s adorable naked booty. It makes me smile whenever I run a load of laundry.


The room still isn’t perfect, but it’s much better than it was before. I can walk through this space and not immediately get stressed out by all the junk.

DSC_0529Definitely worth the $12 spent!



    Big change for 12 dollars! It’s hard to be a renter because you don’t want to “invest” but you want to make it homey! And I think you’ve done a good job!


    Looks great! Love your sign, too cute!

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