Old Friends in a New City

This morning Match and I helped two of my old friends, Old Married Couple move into their new apartment in Portland. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have them up here in Oregon with us. We dropped Piglet off with his aunt and uncle (my sis in law), who babysat him for the first time so we could help with the move. I was nervous about leaving him, but he had so much fun, and I think they did too.

Old Married Wife and I did the unpacking while the men did the heavy lifting. Call me crazy but I actually love unpacking. There’s something about finding a place for everything that makes my OCD heart go pitter patter.


After the move we all went to lunch, including my sis-in-law and her hubby. Piglet entertained everyone with his cute toddlerness, and I could tell that OMC and the in-laws might become friends. I’m excited for more excuses to make drives to the city and to have my close friends living in the same state as us.




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