Why I Love Destination Weddings (And You Should, Too!)

Match and I had a pretty traditional wedding. It was beautiful and I loved every moment of it. But more and more often I see people traveling abroad for destination weddings and can’t help but think how incredible it sounds. Considering we didn’t get to have a honeymoon and we haven’t done much traveling, sometimes I wish we had opted for something non-traditional like a destination wedding dress. My sister-in-law had a destination wedding, and she said they couldn’t have been happier with their choice. With destination weddings taking off, I decided to look into the best reasons why you should consider one.


They can save you money

A lot of the time, destination weddings can end up costing less than you think they will. In fact, I had a friend who slashed her wedding budget in half simply by moving it abroad. Things like food, drink and venue hire can be less pricey than your hometown. (Depending on where you are from and where you are going, of course.) Many destination wedding locations organize all-inclusive prices. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about all the little extras which can sting your bank account.


You can choose a beautiful location

When choosing a destination wedding, the world is your oyster. You can pick anywhere that appeals to you. Perhaps that is a sunny beach in the Caribbean or a snowy mountain in the Alps. Whatever your preferences, you can make sure your wedding is in a gorgeous location.  Think of the photographs. You, your partner and a stunning backdrop will create memories that last a lifetime.


3656580281_43aaeca184_oPhoto by Lunss


Easy to organize

Many people assume that destination weddings are difficult to organize, but they needn’t be. Many destination weddings offer great packages so they take care of a lot of it for you. Or if you want to plan something extra special, you can find destination wedding planners who will take care of everything for you. They will make sure your wedding is exactly to your specifications by chatting with local businesses and venues. This is even better if you are getting married in a location where the language is different to your first language. There won’t be any language barriers and nothing will get lost in translation.


Ready-made excuse to cut back on guests

If you can already see your guest list spiraling out of control, hosting a destination wedding is a great way to cut back. You have the perfect excuse for keeping it small. You can justify your choice by saying that you don’t want too many people to have to go to a great expense to travel just for your wedding. Just make sure you don’t guilt trip people who cannot afford to attend. After all, it’s YOUR choice to have a destination wedding, and you have to understand that not everyone can afford to travel.


It will be the most memorable wedding for your guests

Most people remember very little from weddings they go to. Sure, they think back and remember that they had fun and it was a nice day, but how much detail do they really retain? With a destination wedding you will find that guests will remember every detail. Like how gorgeous you looked in this stunning location. How beautiful the hotel they stayed in. And how much fun they had!


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