The Best Things about Being Engaged

I love being married and waking up each morning as Mrs. Match, but being engaged was fun in a different way. For most people, being engaged is the part of the relationship that is the shortest. But it is also one of the most exciting times. Before Match and I got married, we made the most of our engagement. For anyone thinking of popping the question, there is so much fun to look forward too. Looking back on our engagement period, these were my favorite things about it.


One for the ladies – bling!

So when your hubby proposes, if they have done things right, you will have an amazing ring on your finger. I instantly fell in love with the ring Match got me. I was showing it to all my friends and family, and couldn’t stop smiling every time I saw it. Your fiancé might look for designer engagement rings or something more modest. Whatever he chooses you will love it regardless. Our partners put so much thought into choosing the perfect ring. When you see it you know that they have put their all into choosing something you will love. So wear it with pride!



When you get engaged you can’t stop thinking to the future. Obviously you would already have talked about your future plans before the question of marriage even comes up. But once you are engaged you really start to think properly about it. Will you buy your own house? How many children will you have? All of these questions are fun to finally start answering properly.


Engagement party

There is always an excuse for a party, so obviously you have to have an engagement party if you can! It doesn’t even have an expensive thing either. There are loads of ways to cut costs and stick to a tight budget. But getting your friends and family involved in sharing the excitement is priceless. Looking back I wish we had an engagement party, but we never did. If I could do it all over again, I definitely would have. 


Wedding bells

I know people will complain about wedding planning. They complain about the stress and the expense. But at the end of the day, this is a chance to celebrate the love you share with your partner. From choosing your dress and decorating your reception venue to picking out your dinner menu, there is so much fun to come. Planning my wedding was so much fun for me. I wish Pinterest had been around when I was getting married. Oh the boards I would have pinned! 


The hen do

This is one of the best parts! The hen do is your last hoorah as an unmarried woman. Your friends are going to be in charge of making sure you have a great time before your wedding. If your friends know you well enough, they are bound to plan something amazing.I had a rocking hen party that I will always remember. 



With an engagement comes a wedding and, of course, a honeymoon! Your honeymoon is the best excuse you will have to visit somewhere exotic for some romance and fun. Again, this is a big regret for us, as we never got to have a true honeymoon. But it is never too late, and one day I hope we finally get to have that holiday together. 



When you get engaged you are no longer someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend. You move into the realms of “fiance”! This is the only time you will be anyone’s fiance, so it is really special.




    Awwwww, that photo of you and Match is so incredibly adorable. So special 🙂 And yes, to Honeymoons. Sometimes the stress of wedding planning freaks me out and I like to daydream about all the places I’d love to run away with Bryan after our “I Dos.” *CLEARS THROAT* Anytime you’re ready, buddy (kiddingnotkidding lol). XOXO


    PS: your ring is gorgeous 🙂

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