How to Create Eye-Catching Nails on Your Big Day


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Innovative nail techniques and designs enable the modern girl to create theatre with her fingers. The simple application of colours, patterns, and gems are like works of art.

On your wedding day, your nails and hands will constantly be on show. As you entwine fingers with your groom, your wedding rings will be captured in perpetuity by your photographer. Provide the perfect accompaniment with a set of show-stopping fingernails.

False Nails


There are new and innovative approaches to nail art and extension appearing all the time. Women can achieve long, feminine nails even when their nail beds are bitten to the quick! Disguise ugly short horrors with acrylic nails instead. Acrylics provide a strong, hard layer that is durable for several days. An alternative false nail is to opt for gel nails. Gel nails also provide a toughened coat to natural nails but provide a more natural result.

Natural Nails

For women who have naturally long, shapely nails, why cover them with false ones? Instead, preserve the natural beauty of your nails with products that are kind to your fingertips. A French manicure is a timeless and classy finish for natural nails. White-tipped, the lustre of the nail is brought to fore under a liberal coating of polished layers. The entire nail is brightened from bed to tip, with cuticles and fingertips buffed to perfection.


When it comes to choosing nail polishes, the colour spectrum is limitless! From neutral pearlescent tones to strikingly bold tones pick the colour to suit. Having your nails done for a special occasion may necessitate coordinating your nail colour to match your outfit. For everyday nails, a lighter colour will blend well with any choice of casual attire. Strong colours work well with darker skin tones while bright colours accentuate pale skin. When picking your colour, decide how practical your choice is. A daring shade will look stunning under nightlight but may be too garish in the strong afternoon sunshine. Choose a colour to complement your engagement ring. Verragio engagement rings, and many others, feature colourful gemstones.  Avoid garish nail polish overpowering delicate designs.  Complement your makeup shades with your nail polish for a show stopping effect.


Trendsetting women today aren’t content with a coloured application. They want to make a statement with their nails by introducing patterns too. Nails are like works of art, with beautiful intricate designs adorning nails up and down the country. With false nails, the extension is beyond that of the natural nail length. Utilise the extra space with pretty designs. There are countless patterns to choose. Each nail may sport a completely different design or mix and match with alternating fingers. Special occasions like Christmas or the summer holidays are celebrated with funky and fun designs that catch the eye.


If bold patterns and colours weren’t enough, nail technicians will also apply nail jewels too! Stud your nailbeds with sparkles, as fake diamantes, create an opulent result. Attach pretty coloured gems to the tips of your nails to highlight the length. The harder false nails enable the wearer to add jewels without damaging their softened natural nails beneath. The surface is sturdy and provides a firm base for sticking countless sparkling pieces.

Dress your nails this festive season and let your fingers take centre stage on the party scene.


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