Date Night Out and My Parents Visit

Labor day weekend my parents finally made the 4 hour drive to visit. Have I mentioned that even though we have lived here since December, they still hadn’t visited?! I’m glad they were finally able to make it work.



Piglet was so excited to have his Gamma and PopPop here. He did a lot of showing off, and was loving the grandparent time.


Match and I took advantage and finally had a date night! First one since Christmas! I wish I could say we lived it up and had a wild night, but we’re lame. We did go out to a nice dinner, followed by the most incredible dessert at a new restaurant in town. We came home and took Monkey on a long night walk; something we can never do without a sitter. It was nice being able to check out the stars and just be together. Sometimes in the chaos and excitement of raising a toddler, it’s easy to forget about our spouse, and find that time to enjoy each other’s company. I’m looking forward to our next date night!


Here we are getting ready to leave. Piglet kept asking if he could go on the date too.




Sunday my brother and his new girlfriend joined us for a family dinner. He surprised us all by bringing my niece and nephew. We didn’t think he’d get to have the kids for the weekend, but his ex let him. Piglet was so happy, and my mom was practically in tears.


She finally had us all under one roof! We got the chance to get to know my brother’s girlfriend better, and I have to say she’s pretty cool. I hope this one works out for him. My brother is a great guy and he deserves a nice woman in his life.


Piglet had so much fun playing with his cousins. They ran around the yard playing lacrosse and entertaining each other. Have I mentioned how much I love having them so close by? Just an hour instead of 10 from each other now!


It was a great weekend and it went by way too quickly. I can’t wait for the next family get together. Hopefully this Christmas, if not sooner. How did you spend your labor day weekend?

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    Sarah Shumate

    Wow! Piglet is HUGE now! He looks so grown up in that first picture! 🙂 I haven’t been writing or reading any blogs lately, so it feels like the last time I checked in he was a baby and now he’s a little boy!!! 😉

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