5 Years-The Wood Anniversary

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary. Wow…5 years! Wasn’t I just planning our wedding, with constant wedding related posts? It’s amazing how much has happened.


This year we actually bought each other a big gift, and it happens to have parts that are made of wood, just like the traditional gift. We bought ourselves a pop up tent trailer! Now when Match goes on hunting trips, we can go as a family and actually be comfortable. I cannot wait to decorate it. I’ll take some pictures of it soon.

This weekend my parents are coming to visit us, and we are going to finally get a date night! I cannot wait. Even though we have the same work schedules, I feel like we really don’t get a lot of quality time together. It doesn’t help that I work two jobs-my day job, and then a data entry job I do most evenings. It doesn’t leave much time for quality time together. We really need a nice date night out.

So here’s to 5 years with my love. There are been a lot of changes this year, most of them positive, but definitely some negatives and some growing pains along the way, mostly with career stress. We have had our share of arguments and stress induced bickering this year, but we always come to an understanding, and we never go to bed angry. My love for Match grows every day, and he is my true partner in life. Happy anniversary sweetie. I love you more than words can say, and I’m forever grateful that we found each other.



    Happy 5 year anniversary! And yay to a pop up tent trailer! I love camping 🙂


    Congratulations!!. I’m still a single pringle at the grand old age of 33 but reading blogs like yours give me that warm and fuzzy feeling and a little bit of hope. Xx


    Happy Anniversary! We’re at 5 years too, but I think if I remember right your anniversary is either the day before or the day after ours (Sept 4th). Anyway I sadly know about the stress induced bickering… but you’re right, it’s totally worth it.

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