Summer Break Re-Cap

I hate how life keeps getting in the way of me blogging regularly. I have so many things to tell you about! Last month during my summer break, we did all kinds of fun things. I got so much quality time in with my boy, but it just made me realize how much I miss staying at home with him. We did art projects, fun nature walks, library time, playing at the park. So many things that I have missed out on!


We took a trip to the Portland Zoo with Kinderfriend and Guy’s Gal (friends I grew up with that I’m now lucky enough to live near!)


Piglet had a great time with all the kids, and he loved seeing the animals.

Then we went on a road trip, just the two of us, back down to California to visit family, and to meet Geeky’s baby. She is precious! I cried when I first held her, just like I cried when I first got to see my friend again. It had been many long months since we last saw each other. I miss living near her, though we are so glad we moved to Oregon. Just wish we could visit more!



I stayed with the in-laws (first time without Match being there. I was nervous!! But they were great) and they watched Piglet so I could get some time with my friends. We celebrated at Couple Wife’s 30th birthday party, and I caught up with old friends I hadn’t seen since college.

My dad and stepmom were also visiting from Arizona, and Piglet got some great quality time with them. I loved seeing my nephews and all the family. I love watching those boys play together.


The trip was a whirlwind, and road tripping with a recently potty trained toddler was not without anxiety, but he was a total champ. He didn’t have any accidents the whole trip!

August I was back at work, my summer vacation cut short by a huge change in my job description. I am now an 11 month employee, but when I was hired I was a 9 month employee. I’m extremely frustrated, as the only reason I took the job was the promise of summers off with my son. They also changed the nature of my job, taking away my set schools, my interactions with the kids, and essentially everything that made me apply for the job in the first place. Match is currently working at a Parks Maintenance job he enjoys, and the hours are great (finally day shift, weekends and holidays off!) but it is only seasonal. As soon as something full time opens up, we are hoping I will be able to quit and focus on our family again. Oh how I miss it, and oh how I hate my job.

But anyways, back to summer. It was so nice having that quality time with Piglet, and I loved every minute of it. We spent the first few weeks working on potty training, and since we’ve been doing Elimination Communication for so long, all the really hard work was done. We still do pull ups at night, but mostly as a security blanket for me. He rarely has accidents, and soon I plan to get rid of those too. I’m so proud of him, and I love that I don’t have to deal with nasty diapers anymore. Kid, you make it pretty darn easy to be your mama!



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    Congrats on potty training! Sorry your job stuff changed, that is frustrating! Sounds like you had a nice break with Piglet though. And, man he got big!!

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