Beating the Heat Wave

We are smack dab in the middle of a heat wave here in Oregon. UGH! We moved to this state to escape the heat, and it has been almost as hot here as California. Screw you global warming! I am not a warm weather person. Give me my crisp fall days, my cozy sitting by the fireplace sipping cocoa nights and I’m a happy camper. But, here we are in the heat of summer, and rather than be miserable, we have been finding ways to beat the heat.

A few weekends ago, we took a drive to the coast and had a beach day with Adventure Couple.

P1130882 P1130886

Another weekend we met up with Match’s sister and husband in Portland at a cool park that allows dogs off leash.


Piglet was not excited about swimming there at all, but Monkey was!


Then this last weekend we went on a hunt for some swimming holes. Saturday we drove towards the coast and found a nice little park about 30 minutes away from our house. The rocks were a bit slippery, but the water felt good. It was almost a little too warm in some spots, but still fun.

Piglet loves the bath, and his little wading pool, but he has fears of larger bodies of water. We were so proud of him for getting in this deep! He had his speed boat, so he was happy.

P1140062 P1140078

Sunday we found a swimming hole just 10 minutes from our house. The water was cooler which we found more refreshing. It also had less crawdads and fish, which I liked. I couldn’t help but get the heeby jeebies while swimming in the other spot, thinking the crawdads were going to bite me in my lady bits! Yes I have an overactive imagination.


My water loving hubby was happy as a fish in water. Piglet and I blew a lot of bubbles on the riverbank. It is impossible to blow bubbles and look remotely attractive.



It’s been fun getting out and exploring, but I can’t wait to do it when the weather cools down. I’m looking forward to hikes and camping trips, neither of which are any fun in 90+ degree heat.

Tomorrow Piglet and I are heading out on our California road trip. I’m dreading the heat, but thankful for my inlaws pool. How are you all escaping the heat this summer?



    Its so cool that you have water holes close by. I’m jealous! We’re close to “the river” and a lake but they’re so over crowded and completely gross. I won’t go there. But we have a pool and this year we invested in a really nice misting system for the backyard (commercial grade!). And we’re going up north camping in a couple weeks which I am really looking forward to!
    So yeah, its hot here too. My sister just moved to Portland and she’s freezing all the time!
    Have fun on your road trip!


    How cool you live so close to the beach. I’m jealous, seriously! I finally get to go to the beach in a couple weeks. I can’t wait! Although I need to because I can’t wish my summer away. I ahve to take comps in the fall… yuck!


    love seeing the pictures of your family. piglet has gotten so big!!
    haha. i have a rule that i don’t swim with fish for that same reason! i don’t need them swimming or biting my lady bits either!

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