Inlaws Oregon Visit

The inlaws came to town for Memorial weekend last month. Match’s dad is doing much better, and every day he gets stronger. His speech is back to normal, and he only needs his wheelchair for longer walks. It was so good to see them, and best of all, Piglet had a blast with his grandparents.



We had fun showing them around our new town and going for walks in the neighborhood. Match’s sister and brother-in-law came over and we enjoyed a nice BBQ at our place.


It wouldn’t be an inlaws visit without a little bit of conflict. At one point, after yet another critical comment, I said to my MIL, “One day I’ll finally get it right. One day!” I think she didn’t even know she was being critical, because after that, it was nothing but sweet comments, and she made sure to tell me how nice everything looked. It felt good to be heard, and it felt good not to bottle up my feelings. Match’s parents said how happy they are that both their kids live so close to each other, making it so easy to visit all of us at once. Now we just need to convince them to move up to Oregon too!


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