Piglet is TWO!

Today was Piglet’s actual 2nd birthday, and sadly Mommy and Daddy had to work. I eased some of my mama guilt by sending him to school with cupcakes to share with his little friends. His teacher told us that he kept telling everyone that his “birthday is coming up” even though it’s today.

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It is amazing how much he has changed this past year. From those wobbly first steps to his full on running, hopping, jumping off furniture, and even marching. He is a fast moving, busy little boy!

One of the biggest milestones we’ve noticed this year has to be his verbal skills. He speaks in full sentences now, and is not afraid to tell us what he wants. “Mama come back here right NOW!” is one of favorite lines. He also likes to start sentences with “I want”. He has started using I instead of me, and doesn’t always talk in the third person, though he will occasionally say, “Wyatt go outside” instead of “I go outside”. He can sing his alphabet, count to 20, say the days of the week, and he just learned the months of the year. He has knack for memorizing, and “reads” us his favorite books that he has memorized. Some of them I haven’t even memorized!

Apparently he also knows the names of all the kids at his school, and all the teachers. Match says he’s like a little politician, making sure to say goodbye to everyone by name, and strutting around the room waving to everyone. His shyness is long gone!

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Piglet has also started using his imagination, telling us stories he makes up, or having his toys “talk” in different little voices. I love to just sit and watch him play. He has also started acting scared of things at night, telling us that there’s a “dinosaur coming” at bedtime, and then he jumps into our arms and wraps his little legs around us, hanging on for dear life. He always half giggles when he does it, so I think it’s partly an excuse for cuddles.

I feel we are getting closer and closer to being done with diapers. There are a lot of nights where he wakes up dry, and days where we barely use any diapers. There are still plenty of accidents, but I’m hoping this summer when I have some time off we can finish up the training and make the leap to all day undies.


Every day Piglet seems to be growing and changing, and he’s always learning new words. He’s an opinionated toddler, and he definitely has his difficult moments, but overall he is a mellow, happy go lucky kiddo.

Dear Piglet,

These past few months have been hard with Mommy and Daddy working a lot, but you’ve taken it all in stride. My heart aches that I couldn’t be with you all day on your birthday, but you still came home from school with a great attitude.  Thank you for being such a great kid. We marvel at how we got so lucky when we had you. Two years ago you made us the happiest parents, and every day you give us a reason to smile. We love you to the moon and back!

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    Happy birthday, Piglet!


    Happy birthday Piglet!


    He can’t be that old… seriously! Time needs to slow down! But he is just adorable!


    My god–that went by so quickly!! Happy happy birthday, Piglet! Your mommy and daddy love you SO MUCH!

    SO many adorable pictures–I LOVE them all! Also I love how imaginative he is at playtime and that he thinks of excuses to cuddle. CUTE!!!! 🙂

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