10 Things to Smile About-March ’15

1. My new job-it keeps me hopping, but I am really enjoying the work and interacting with the kids and staff. My favorite part of the day is when some of the kids give me hugs as they leave the computer lab.

2. Piglet in his overalls, hanging with Kinderfriend’s daughter. We met up for a volunteer creek cleanup day, and those two were so adorable together. Piglet definitely has a crush!


3. Night time snuggles with my little man. Being away at work all week has me cherishing every minute at home with my little guy. His latest adorable habit has been singing to his bunny before bed.


4. Celebrating this big guy’s 9th birthday. I can’t believe my oldest nephew is already 9. Last year before DOUBLE digits. Time flies!


5. Finding a new rental house made me smile! It is such a relief to have a place, and a place we can really see ourselves in for a long time. We found an awesome rental that has plenty of room and a decent sized backyard for Piglet and Monkey to play in. I will post pictures once we’re all unpacked and organized. I am so so excited about it. The best part? It’s only minutes from my work!

6. The race car shopping cart at the grocery store. It made Piglet’s day! I actually look forward to our next grocery shopping outing just to watch him light up when he gets to “drive the race car all dayyyy” as he put it. So stinking cute.


8. Spring break!  I got to spend the week with my little man, and also enjoyed Match’s days off. Unfortunately most of the time was spent being very busy packing and moving, but I was grateful I had the week off to do it. Piglet and I enjoyed a nice classy meal of floor sushi while moving. Watching this kid eat sushi always makes me smile.


9. A fireplace! Our new house has a fireplace, and it is awesome. Match and I managed to find time after the craziness of the move to kick back and enjoy it on Monday.


10. Precious family time. I feel like this month has been so crazy and full of way too much stuff. I’m trying to sit back and enjoy the quiet moments where it’s just the three of us reading stories or being silly around the house, or going on a walk. Now that we’re moved, and another big change Match is making (more on that later!) I’m hopeful we will find more time for those sweet moments.



    We have been known to make up grocery lists just to go drive the race cart on a rainy day for indoor entertainment!


    Okay I am so behind in your blog! Congrats on finding a great new place and close to work is always a great thing. I love the grocery stores that have the fun carts, it really makes the trips so much easier. He is cute in his overalls! So glad you linked up, now off to read to play catch up 🙂


    I’m sooo behind, I”m sorry! You’re making me dread when I have to go back to work. ugh! I still have a year but still…. This summer I’ll be getting in extra fun while trying to read 50ish books. Wish me luck. ha! But it sounds like you’re at a school so you’ll get some extra time this summer with Piglet?

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