Back to Work

Whew, I survived my first two weeks of full time work, after being a stay at home parent/spouse for the past 3 years. I am exhausted!


I am really happy with the job. It is so much different than the corporate IT world. Here, I am actually part of two schools, with my own office in one, an a computer lab that I run in the other. I’m not an outside consultant, seen as the enemy. Rather, I am part of the school team, meaning I’m included in things like classified employee appreciation week, which happened to be the same week as my first week. This meant I got lots of goodies and way too much sugar. They also gave me gift cards to Starbucks. They already know coffee is my favorite!

Leaving Piglet was HARD. After he realized I was leaving for the day, he got really sad and pouted. One day when I said I had to go to work, he told me, “No, Dada go work.” It broke my heart! Match takes care of him Monday and Tuesday all day, and then half day Wednesday. They have been having fun bonding, and by the end of the first week, Piglet was getting into the routine. This is what I came home to one day after work. Silly daddy making Piglet laugh with his box fort.


I’m happy my schedule allows me to be home by about 4 each day, so I still get a few hours of family time. Match and I only get one half day off together though, which is also very hard. I miss my hubby! He’s currently applying for jobs that would allow him to be closer to home, and also work day shift. Fingers crossed he finds something, because graveyard is too hard on his body. I’m also so grateful that this job follows the school schedule, which means summers off. I also have spring break coming up next week, and I’m so excited to spend it with my boys!





    Glad that you are settling into the work routine and it is going well. The school system really is a great family environment to work in. Elise loves visiting me on work days when the students aren’t here and running in the gym!


    Sounds like a great job! Nice that you can be home early too and that your schedules work so Match is able to be with him a lot of the days you work.

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