New Job

Well, I got the job! Pretty much minutes after writing that post I got the job. I hadn’t even published it yet, but I didn’t feel like re-writing it, so you guys got to read a boring post about my anxiety while I waited. I’ve already been in to sign paperwork, and I got my official key card badge.


I have so many mixed emotions, but mostly I am excited to get back out there. Sure I will be working with computers, which I have a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with. But I also get to work with kids, which I love! The holidays and hopefully summer time off will also be a huge plus. I’m so very grateful for all of this.

There are going to be some major adjustments on the home front, at least for me. Match and I basically have opposite schedules. He works graveyard shift Weds (half day) then Thurs-Sat all night. That means we get one day together a week. It also means that Match gets to stay at home with Piglet, and we don’t have to put him in daycare full time. This makes me soooo happy, and I know Match is going to enjoy having that one-on-one time with his little man. I am going to miss both my men so much!


As a way of easing my mom guilt, I bought Piglet a special backpack and lunchbox to take to preschool. He was thrilled! He runs to the coatrack and says “Thomas backpack!” It definitely helps knowing that Piglet loves his preschool.

Things are about to get incredibly busy around here, and I don’t know what that means for the blog. But I’m going to do my best to keep up with it (and all of your blogs my dearies. I miss you!)

So wish me luck. I pre-wrote this, and today is my first day. I’m a huge kiss up, so of course I baked cookies. I hope they like me. I hope I can remember how to do this. I hope that my kid doesn’t miss me too much. Or worse yet, that he doesn’t miss me at all!




    Congrats and good luck! I know how hard it is leaving your baby. It sounds like he’s in good hands with preschool and Daddy though. 🙂


    Congrats! I’m sure you’re doing great!

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