Piglet’s Valentine

Piglet has a Valentine! These two are just the cutest little things. It is so fun watching the two of them play together.

pigletsgirlHere are a couple of snapshots of the two of them on their latest “date”. Piglet talks about their bath time and giggles to himself. That boy has got it bad for his lady!

Piglet also had a Valentine’s celebration at his preschool. He got a lot of love from his classmates!


Piglet and I met up with my older brother, my niece and my nephew for a fun Valentine’s Day hike. I loved being able to spend the day with these three lovebugs. I just wish Match wasn’t working graveyard shift so he could have joined in the fun.



Oddly enough, both my FIL and stepmom’s birthdays are on Valentine’s Day, so we sat down and skyped with both of them. With my stepmom, we had a fun 4 way call with my dad and stepmom, and my two stepbrothers and their families. Piglet thought it was great fun!


Match, Piglet and I had a belated Valentine’s celebration. We ended up going on a walk on Monday at a nearby nature preserve. I love that there are so many cool places to go on hikes and walk. Piglet kept saying “nature!” It was such a nice way to spend the day with my loves.

PicMonkey Collage

I hope you had a wonderful Valentines!


    Sarah Shumate

    Lexie had a close friend that was a boy at this age, too! It’s so cute when you can catch candid photos of their friendship – those are some of my most treasured photos!

    I actually had no idea you could Skype with more than one person at a time b/c we always use FaceTime instead. I’ll have to try that with my parents and sister!! Glad to see you guys adjusting to your new home so well!! xx


    Ah, young love! And I almost didn’t recognize “Grizzly” Match!


    So cute! He is getting so big!

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