Happy Birthday Dada


Tuesday was Match’s birthday, and Piglet was so excited! We made him a birthday card, wrapped up his present, and sang him happy birthday. I have to share this video with you of him begging Daddy to open his gift.

Of course he wouldn’t sing Happy Birthday for the camera, but he was belting it out loudly before I started recording. I bought Match a set of coveralls for his new job as a carman. He wasn’t a huge fan of the color, so we exchanged it for the black. I have to say, they’re pretty adorable on him! I just hope he doesn’t get his tushy grabbed too much while he’s trying to work. šŸ˜‰

DSC_0732 (2)DSC_0734 (2)

We took Match to “Man Disneyland”, better known as Cabella’s. He wandered the store while Piglet and I checked out the super cool fish tank, animal exhibit and played a few games.


After Cabella’s, we took Match to dinner at a local burger joint. Piglet had fun waving at everyone who walked by, and even saw a friend from his preschool. We had a nice mellow birthday, and I think it was just what he wanted.

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    Happy late birthday!! šŸ™‚ He sure was excited for daddy to open his presents! What was the original color of coveralls you got him?

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