10 Things to Smile About-Jan ’15

1. Baking cookies with my little “helper”. That face he makes is my favorite.

DSC_0600 (2)

2. Catching this boy trying on Daddy’s slippers


3.  These two practicing Piglet’s letters


4.  Monkey doing his “puppy mode” thing around the house. I love that he’s almost 12, and he still acts like a little puppy.


5. This face! This spastic energy happens multiple times a day. This is a game we like to call “baby smash”.


6. Piglet’s first day of preschool

preschool7. Celebrating my Kinderfriend’s little boy’s 2nd birthday. Piglet got to ride on a special train that Kinder’s FIL built. In case anyone missed it, Piglet is currently obsessed with his “choo-choos”, so he was one happy boy. Kinderfriend did a great job with decorations for her own little train obsessed toddler. I can’t wait to borrow some of her idea’s for Piglet’s birthday!


choochoo8. I mentioned that Piglet is obsessed with trains. Match had constructed a makeshift train tunnel for him out of an old shoebox. I decided to get a little crafty with some construction paper and dress it up a bit. I don’t know why, but the end result just makes me smile.


9. Checking out the wildlife preserve near our house. We forgot Piglet’s hat, so we improvised with Match’s hunting beanie. Doesn’t he look like a little garden gnome? I also snapped a picture of a couple on a stroll ahead of us that was wearing matching pj bottoms. It made me smile because Match and I rock the matching pjs on our neighborhood walks. Major props to these two for rocking them out in public.

littlegnome10. Going out for a sushi dinner with my boys and watching Piglet use his chopsticks. He was so well behaved in the restaurant too. We were gambling because he’s not feeling so good, and minutes before walking in he had a full on melt down. I’m grateful he was able to pull himself together. I think he was just craving sushi!







    I love that little makeshift train tunnel. Cute and creative!


    So much cuteness in this post! ? it!


    ok the question mark was supposed to be a heart!


    LOVE that first picture, his face your smile! Perfect moment. That tunnel is awesome! I figured it was some of the decor for the train birthday party until I read the caption. Great job! Lucas always used to wear Eric’s shoes– seeing that totally made me have a flashback.
    Thank you so much for linking up


    AWWWWW, all of these pictures make me smile 🙂 I love the first pic of you baking cookies together; you both look so happy. What a trooper for making it through sushi night! And I love how you decorated the tunnel–you did a great job!

    Ha I totally wear my PJ pants out in public, too. Not sure that Bryan would want to rock matching pants with me, but maybe… 🙂 Hope all is well with you, momma. I’ve missed you!


    He can use chopsticks better than I can :). Looks like you guys are all set up in your new house, the kitchen anyway… :). And your friend, just steal her whole theme and bam, you’re set :). ha! The tunnel is awesome!

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