Job Interviews and Mama Guilt

In all my blogging catchup, and the holidays, etc, I failed to mention that I had a job interview a week after we moved in. It’s back in the IT field again, what I used to do all those years ago. Ideally I would love to continue life as a stay at home parent, but Match is in the middle of a career change. I would hate to see him go back to working in law enforcement, where he was absolutely miserable, not to mention unsafe. So here I go, potentially back to the working world. It’s not that I don’t want to get out of the house, because I do. I have missed some of the social aspects of working. But I LOVE my job as a stay at home mama. Piglet is my world, and I love our time together. I love the flexibility of my schedule, and getting to take him to things like story time at the library, or on spontaneous play dates. I wish there was a way I could just work part time, or find a way to magically make money while focusing 100% on my kid, but that’s not our reality.


I didn’t get that job I initially applied for, and I am so relieved. It was a full time, high pressure job that I knew wouldn’t make me happy. There’s a new opportunity for a tech job with the school district, and this one I do hope I get. It would still be full time, but only for the school year. That’s right, summers OFF! This would be a dream come true, especially for the long term. Match also just got hired on with a railroad, and so his schedule may only be 3-4 days per week. If all goes well with scheduling, Piglet will only be in day care part time.

Besides doing the job searching, I’ve lucked out with a few Elance opportunities that have kept me busy, and brought in a nice bit of money to help out. It feels good to not have to dip into our nest egg too often. We are hoping that in the next year or two, we can finally buy a home with land, which has always been a dream of ours.

We also just got over some really nasty colds that have been going around. We hunkered down for the past few weeks, drinking tea and having a Harry Potter movie marathon. We broke our screen time rules with Piglet, and now he says Dumbey-dore, Miene (Hermione), Harry Potter, and Dobby. I love that little nerd in training!

We made our way back to Adventure Couple’s farm last week, and Match helped Adventure Guy with his tree planting. They have 40 acres that they’re doing replanting on. We hope to one day own property like theirs! I love watching our kids play together. They had a “date” night. Don’t they just make you melt?


Friday one of my long time friends, since Kindergarten, KinderFriend and her kids stopped by. Can I just say how much I LOVE that I live closer to so many of my lifelong friends now? Our boys are really close in age, with hers being just 4 months older than Piglet. They are both super into trucks and trains. Next weekend we are going to his 2nd birthday party, where there will be train rides! Piglet is going to love it!


Sunday, Piglet and I went to visit my youngest stepbrother and his girlfriend and her two kiddos. It was her oldest son’s birthday party, and Piglet had a great time playing with the big kids.


This month is only a little more than halfway over, and already it’s been full of activity. I love that when we want to, there is always something to do. I’m also cherishing the quiet, lazy moments at home. I know once both Match and I start working full time, these moments will be harder to come by.




    Jillian Young

    Nothing better than movie marathons… I love days like that! (even though it goes hand-in-hand with sick days… hope you’re all feeling better! I had a clingy little cold over the holidays too, and it was hard to shake.)

    Good luck with the tech job for the school district. Sounds like a dream job!! So glad to hear you guys are settling in well & enjoying your new adventure 🙂


    I love my job with the school system, so I really hope that works out for you. I can’t remember if you said, are you guys renting for now? Are you feeling settled?


    As I was reading this post I kept feeling like I had read this, realized I read it in the e-mail I get from you but never came and commented!

    I think it is awesome that are supporting your husband in his career change and the sacrifices you make now will be worth it in the end. I have a brother who took too long trying to decide what he wanted to do before he was married and when he was first married; he picked something more just to pick something, and now many years later and with three kids he is miserable wanting to change paths but finding it so hard with a family to support.


    Awwww, that last picture totally melts my heart 🙂 So sweet. I understand what you mean re: wanting to be a stay at home to see all the big landmarks in your son’s life. At the same time, you guys have some awesome goals of home/property ownership that I get, too, and sometimes we just have to put ourselves out there and do what we can to make ends meet. Love the date night pic! Piglet and his “girlfriend” look so happy together 🙂


    It is definitely awesome that you’re supporting Match and his career change. Yeah with all the hoopla in the news right now with law enforcement, I’m sure it’s not the safest. I’m not sure I’d want to do it although I have a lot of respect for law enforcement. I only live about 4 hours from St. Louis or should I say Ferguson… man people are CRAZY!

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