Piglet’s First Day of Preschool

Yesterday was a pretty monumental day. We signed up Piglet for preschool, and yesterday was his first day. Sniff. I missed him so much while he was gone, but he had a great time. I know how important social interaction is for him, and I love that this preschool/daycare is structured like a school. I just know he’s going to learn so many things! It is our way of easing him into daycare as well, in case I end up having to get a job. I’m feeling all kinds of mama guilt about it, but I have to keep reminding myself that Piglet is having a blast, and it’s me that’s having the hard time. He’s just growing up soooo fast!

preschoolWhen I picked him up, he was so happy. He was chattering the whole way home, and sacked out for his nap so fast. This morning as Match got him ready, he said “preschool!” He gave me a kiss goodbye and practically ran outside. It makes my heart happy knowing he loves his new school.




    Elise does half day preschool…we started her at 9 months and she absolutely loves it and has learned so much. Just wait until you start getting the art projects coming home, you will melt!


    Aww he looks way too grown up! I love the picture of him in front of the preschool 🙂 too cute.


    awwwww, I can’t imagine… I know this must be really hard on you but it’s great that he’s adjusting to preschool so well and obviously he’s loving it there so you made a great choice!

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