2014 To Do List-The Results Are In!

Stop watching TV at dinnertime, and eat as a family in the dining room
Reduce monthly bill costs
Pay off Match’s student loan
Pay off Home Depot card
Write our wills
Get exterior of house painted
Paint or re-stain the deck
Build window seat in the downstairs great room
Replace kitchen lighting with new lighting
Paint kitchen cabinets white
Install custom closet organizers in all bedrooms
Build outdoor end tables for firepit
Keep up with breastfeeding until Piglet’s first birthday, then slowly start weaning (weaning is HARD!)
Continue workout routine, and hopefully keep weight off after I stop breastfeeding
Have Piglet daytime potty trained by the end of the year (He is poop trained, and he tells us for a lot of pees, but he definitely still needs a diaper. I’m still thrilled with his progress! He runs up and tells us, Potty potty potty and runs to the bathroom about 90 percent of the time. It’s a lot of work, but well worth it!)
Baby proof house (mostly done, there’s always something he finds to get into!)
Throw Piglet an awesome 1st birthday!
Teach Piglet to swim (We’ve done only ok with this. I took him to a swim class, but he didn’t love it. He prefers to splash in kiddy pools)
Do something fun for Halloween
Make Piglet a baby book and keep track of milestones (in progress, will be done on his birthday)
Make gifts for Christmas this year, and teach Piglet about giving (We didn’t get to do this because of the busy move. We did however, go very small with gifts, and plan to continue that tradition, of 1-2 special gifts, rather than toy overload)
Go to Portland, OR to visit family
Take a family trip that doesn’t involve visiting relatives, one that’s just for us
Meet a blog friend in real life (I never seem to be able to do this, and it makes me so sad. Someday!)
Help Match study for his new job
Read at least 60 Books this year (57.5 read. I feel pretty good about this considering all the chaos the past few months has brought. I was so close though!)

I am so happy with what we’ve managed to accomplish this year, especially with a toddler in the mix. It is amazing just how little one can get done in a day when you have a “helper” with little hands in EVERYTHING. But we still did quite a bit didn’t we?
Things took an unexpected turn this year, and I never for a second thought we’d be selling our home and moving to Oregon. But I am so happy that we made the decision. So we didn’t get everything done that we’d hoped with the house, but that’s ok. We made it ours, and it was beautiful.
I stuck to my commitment to spend more time together as a family, and family dinners have become well established. Getting rid of the cable was one of the best decisions we’ve made. Now Match and I curl up together to watch our few shows on the laptop every few days. Piglet only watches special videos on youtube, and I try to limit it to 20 minutes a day. I have found he’s better at independent play and self entertaining because of it.

I think one thing I wish I had done was set more goals for specific things I wanted to do with Piglet and our family. I want to do more activities and experiences this year, and I hope we make the time to do that in our new state. How did you fair on your 2014 goals?




    I’m so jealous you got 57 books read! I only made 23, and I have no excuse either! You go girl!


    Wow! Fantastic job completing most of your goals! I didn’t do nearly as well for 2014. I’ve high hopes for 2015, though! Happy new year!!


    WOAH! You made a lot of progress, both personally and on some DIY projects you had to do. Also congrats on the # of books read! I have a goal of 50 this year… for me, it’s ambitious since I’m a very slow reader, but keeping fingers crossed 🙂 XOXO and hope you had a very happy New Year, my sweet!

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