Our Oregon Home

Well it’s been two weeks, and we are all moved into our little rental. This will be home for the next 6 months, but potentially longer if we find jobs in the area. We are LOVING it! The layout is cozy, and more conducive to family time. We’re all loving the carpet too, especially with the cold Oregon weather, which we are soaking up. I love wearing cozy clothing and snuggling up close to each other for warmth. There is nothing quite as sweet as watching a toddler run around in fuzzy footed pajamas, am I right?

We were speed demons when it came to unpacking. We were so sick of living out of suitcases that we wanted this place to feel like home immediately. We didn’t get our moving trailer for the first two days we were here, and after just 7 days, we were completely unpacked and settled, with just a few remaining pictures to hang up. Now everything is in place, albeit some minor reorganizing to do. living

I also managed to get my Christmas decorations up! We opted against a tree this year, since we will be spending Christmas with my parents. I miss having a fireplace, but I still love the way everything turned out. Plus it’s a bit more toddler proof having the stockings out of reach.


Monkey loves the house, and seems more relaxed than he did in our bigger California home. I think maybe because there is less that he has to “protect”. Plus his crate is in the living room, and not in a separate living area like our old house. He also has a bed upstairs near our room, and he loves to curl up there and nap. With the moving and the packing, I think he was worried he’d be left behind. I think he’s enjoying being a part of his pack again.


Piglet couldn’t be happier here. He loves the new arrangement of the furniture, and spends most of his time trying to climb over the couches and dive off of them. He is also loving that we opted against installing baby gates. Now that he’s older and more agile, he has been great about getting up and down the stairs safely. The stairs here aren’t nearly as steep as our old stairs, so I’m not quite as freaked about him falling down, though I still worry!

pigletroomPiglet’s room. It’s a bit cozier than his last room, but he doesn’t seem to notice. 

The guest room and upstairs reading nook.


The master bedroom. It also has a walk in closet, which makes my organization crazed heart go pitter patter!

We are loving the new neighborhood, and were delighted to discover that we can actually walk to downtown from our house. There is also a great little park in walking distance that I can’t wait to take family photos at.



Already my brother, niece and nephew have visited, as have Adventure Family. We’ve ventured to Portland and spent the day with Match’s sis, Travel Girl and her husband.


This week we’re gone to my niece’s birthday party, as well as dinner with an old classmate of mine from high school, Fliz, and had Wine Family over for dinner. I love that we have a built in social network here, and we haven’t lacked for things to do. Already we both feel more at home here than we did in California. It’s ironic that it took selling our home to feel more at home, isn’t it? We still can’t wait to be homeowners again, but for now we are enjoying life in the rental while we save up for our forever home. I don’t mind taking our time and enjoying this place for awhile. Moving is a pain in the butt, and I’m not anxious to do it again anytime soon!





    Congrats on the move! Sending you love, and wishing you and your precious family a very Merry Christmas! xoxo


    That’s how we like to get moved in, too! I always try to get it all done in less than 3 days. I will stay up at night to do it if I have to because goodness knows I won’t sleep knowing there are boxes that need unpacking anyway! 🙂 I love your apartment – renting definitely has its advantages. Merry Christmas to all of you!


    Wow, how exciting that you don’t have to start over trying to build new friendships. Looks like a nice place and I love that you were able to decorate for Christmas!

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