Goodbye California

All our bags are packed, and we are heading out on our big move to Oregon. It is exciting, but there are definitely parts that are bittersweet. I will miss all of our friends and family that we are leaving behind. If I even talk about leaving Geeky behind, I start to tear up. Luckily we’ve already planned out our meet ups, and priced out cheap flights. We have family in the area, so it’s not goodbye forever. It’ll just take a little more planning to have our girl’s nights. Sniff.

I will also miss our beautiful home. It was the first home we ever bought, and the first place that truly felt like home for us as a couple. There are so many memories here, both happy and sad. It was the home we grieved in when we lost our little Roo, but it was also the home we rejoiced in when we brought home our son. It will always be his first home and I think I will miss his sweet little nursery most of all.


A long time ago, when I was just a 17 year old high school graduate, I came to California to escape Oregon. I wanted to see more of the world, and to experience people, culture, excitement and sunshine. Back then I wanted big crowds and city lights. It was where I grew up and figured out who I was as a person.


I experienced a lot of growing pains in California. If it weren’t for California, I probably wouldn’t have met Match. Ironically, he’d applied to schools in Oregon, but at the last minute decided to stay closer to home. I like to think that if I’d chosen to stay in Oregon, we still would have met.


So goodbye Cali. I will miss aspects of you, but I cannot wait to get back to the green state. All of those things I ran away from so long ago; the small towns, the quiet way of life, the rain, I can’t wait to get back to. Thanks for teaching me about life, and helping me to grow up. I guess it took leaving Oregon to realize just how much I missed it. Thanks for all of the life lessons California, and for reminding me of who I am.




    Good luck with the move!


    sending you lots of good vibes on your move to oregon!! i can’t wait to hear all about how it went.

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