Oregon Road Trip

We just got back Saturday from 6 day road trip up to Oregon. It was part vacation/part job hunt/part town hunting and deciding where we want to live. We visited family and friends, and had such a great time. We didn’t want the trip to end, and I’m so excited for next month, when we can move there permanently!

The first leg of the trip was mostly vacation time. I was able to score an adorable vacation rental for cheaper than a hotel room off vrbo. It was the perfect setup for us, having 2 rooms and plenty of space. Icing on the cake was the PLAY AREA in the backyard! Piglet was so excited, and we loved having  a place for him to run around and play. I just wish we’d had more time for him to enjoy it. The two days spent there went by too quickly.


We met up with some of my cousins on our first night in town. It was so nice to get together with them again, and I was amazed at how fast my wee cousin has grown in just 6 months.


The second night we visited with my Aunt, Uncle and two other cousins at their house. My aunt brought out the bubbles and blew up balloons for Piglet to play with. It was like a rap video in there! Piglet had the time of his life!


The third day we drove the second leg of our trip, 4 hours to the town we’re hoping to settle in. On the way up, I got a call about a job I’d applied for. We stayed with a  friend whose husband I grew up with, and was like another brother to me. They are such a cool couple  (I call them Adventure Couple because they do so many cool things. He used to race motorcycles, and now he’s a helicopter pilot for the power company), and I can’t wait to live closer so we can get to know each other as grown-ups. His wife had only met me a couple of times, but she took us in like we were family. Adventure Wife prepped me for the job interview, as the company was one she used to work for.  Adventure Guy was out of town for work, so unfortunately we didn’t get to see him this trip. But hopefully we will be moving up there soon and can visit a lot more. Their little one is just a month older than Piglet, and the two had a blast being crazy toddlers together.


That next day I had the first job interview I’ve had in 7 years! It went well, but I think if I’m offered the job I will turn it down. Match just gave up his job so that he could spend more time with us, and the hours of this job would have me away evenings, holidays and weekends. It just isn’t worth it to us! The thing I love the most about this big change we’re making is that we’re making the decision to put our family first. Money, careers, a big house are nothing compared to the time spent together.

That night we stayed with another old friend, this one I grew up with. We were marveling at the fact that we’ve known each other for 27 years! Makes me feel blessed to have had a friend for that long. Her husband makes Pinots, so I call them the Pinot Couple. They have an adorable 9 month old little guy, whose “default setting” is smiling. Watching the two boys play was just about the cutest thing ever.





We had such a great time and we just kept saying, “This feels right.” We have built in friends in town, and we loved the small town atmosphere. There are still great restaurants to eat, and things to do, and we’d be less than an hour from Portland. We can’t wait to become Oregonians (again for me!). Now to get to packing!





    I’m so happy for you guys. You look happier than ever!


    Sounds like such a great tip and what a good reason to move. So good you are taking steps to make sure you have more family time.


    i can tell from your posts how happy you are about his next chapter in your life. and in turn. that makes me happy!

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