Sacramento Train Museum

Piglet is obsessed with trains. As in, when he wakes up in the morning, the first words he says are, “Choo choo!” obsessed. As in, he only wants to read the books about trains obsessed. He has got the whistle sound down! So we decided to take him to the Sacramento Train Museum this past week to celebrate his half birthday. It was also a great excuse to meet up with Good Couple and their twins, who are also choo choo crazy.



I didn’t realize just how cool the train museum was. I expected a couple of trains and some historical information, but this place was amazing! Piglet was in choo choo heaven. He was so excited! He just kept saying, “choo choo, wooo wooo” over and over again. 🙂


Note the boys’ outfits. We didn’t even plan it! They are so cute. Don’t they twins look like they could be Piglet’s cousins? I love how they just took Piglet’s hand and led him around.




We had such a fun day together with our boys. I’m going to miss them so much! They are super excited for our upcoming move, and they already promised to visit. Good Guy even confessed to Match that he’s kind of jealous that he’s out of law enforcement, and moving on to a less stressful career. Good Guy is a sheriff and works so much, and is always missing out on time at home. Here’s hoping his schedule changes soon. We really appreciate that he used his one day off with the family to spend with us!

Good Girl was also sweet enough to snap a couple of really great photos of me and my sweetie, and one truly hilarious family photo. Call me crazy, but I kind of want to hang this one up on display. This is real life, am I right?


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    i love that picture. haha. you have to show it to piglet’s girlfriends/wife!

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