Fall Family Photos

I love fall. It’s absolutely the best time of year. It comes a little late here in Northern California, especially where we live in the valley. It’s not as crisp and cool as I’d like, but at least it’s finally below 90s. The leaves are slowly changing, and I can finally wear my favorite boots.


It was the perfect day to load up Piglet and Monkey, and take a drive to the country for some family photos.

Does anyone know the trick to getting a kid to smile for a tripod? Seriously, these photos would have been amazing, except for Mr. Pouty Face.



At least he cooperated when one of us was behind the camera.


The day would not be complete without an awkward family photo. I tried to get Monkey in the picture, and well…there you go.



We also snagged a couple shots by ourselves, while Piglet attempted to knock over the tripod. I’m surprised these turned out as good as they did.


Note to self for next time: wear jeans that fit better. Those jeans gave me total mom butt. But I still love all the pictures. It was such a fun day with my family! PS: How ridiculously cute are those baby carharts? I couldn’t get enough!





    Jillian Young

    Wow, what great family pics!! (Even Mr. Pouty Face! 😉 He’s so cute, how could you not love him, smile or no smile!) And you look great, by the way 🙂


    Beautiful photos!! I used to do this often to get photos of myself for the blog, but now that we live in a big city, I’d feel terribly self-conscious about setting up the tripod and taking photos in public. 😉 And you don’t have mom-butt – you look great!


    Awwwww, I’m impressed with your tripod skills–all of these pictures came out GREAT! ANd I was going to say that I love your perfect fall outfit. NO MOM BUTT!

    LOL @ Mr. Pouty Face. Those pictures are still adorable, regardless of pouty face 🙂


    those pictures came out wonderfully!! such a beautiful family 🙂 xoxo


    I think they all came out great!! Love ’em!


    Yeah I don’t think you can get a kid that age to really look at the camera on the tri-pod, so you did good 🙂 I am so glad it is finally getting cooler, I love boots!


    these turned out gorgeous!

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