Halloween Decor

Do you remember last year when Match got the awesome idea to hang cut out leaves for Thanksgiving? Then we followed that with snowflakes for Christmas? Well this year he suggested bats for Halloween. I love how the simplest of decorations can make the biggest impact.


On a walk recently, a neighbor of ours was cleaning out his garage and asked if we’d like an old kite he had. Not only is it an awesome kite, but it doubles as a great Halloween decoration! Piglet loves to point at it when we walk downstairs.



I got a little crafty and painted a spooky Halloween scene to hang up on the wall.


I also had Match and Piglet get in on the act, and we put up our ghostly footprints. Somehow the way Match put his foot down, it looks like his foot’s not that much bigger than mine. I assure you that I have very dainty little feet! If you look closely, I also added some Harry Potter potion labels, and a couple of book labels. Next year I’d like to go Harry Potter crazy!



The silhouettes are back up in the windows this year, and the signs are out front. I added a couple of gourds that Piglet loves to pick up and try to carry around on our walks.


I love decorating for the different holidays, don’t you?



    Meghan Furst

    You’ve done a TON of work. Your decorations are so simple – yet, so elegant! I’ve been busy and don’t have a lot of time to comment much any more; but, you are so amazing in how you take care of your home and your family.


    The footprints are so cute! 🙂


    I have always wanted to decorate for the different holidays… I just can’t seem to manage that and now that we’re in limbo of selling our house I can’t. :(. I love your decorations though. come decorate for me please!


    you always do such a great job decorating!! and your crafty skills are pretty stellar!!


    You are so crafty–I love to see your decoration pics 🙂 Great job (and I looooove the idea of using the kite as a pirate ship–nicely done!)


    Oh my gosh your painting is awesome! I didn’t know you could paint like that, I totally would have assumed you bought it. So so good!!

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