Piglet’s Pumpkin


Last Monday we took Piglet to the pumpkin patch. It’s the patch we go to every year, and we were so excited to bring Piglet now that he’s mobile. Last year he was just a 5 month old little peanut and this year he’s a rambunctious toddler. He also decided he was anti-camera, even though he normally cheesey smiles every time he sees a camera like object. It might not look like it, but I swear he really was having fun!


We lucked out and had a relatively cool afternoon, though I wish it had been even colder. It was nice to finally wear jeans! I attempted to get a family photo. Anyone know a trick for getting a kiddo to smile for a camera set on timer? There’s no one to make goofy faces and get him to laugh!



We had a great time once again at the pumpkin patch. I’m hoping to bring him to a couple more before the end of the month. Don’t you just love this season?






    Oh looks like you guys had sooooo much fun!


    how fun is that!!! i love doing seasonal activities such as this. and such a fun season this is!

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