Zumba’s Gone Pink

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, my Zumba classes have gone pink! I’ve also become enough of a regular that I’ve started posing for pictures after each class, with the zumba crew.


Can I just stop for a minute and geek out about this? I love being a regular zumba chica. I also love that my favorite instructor likes to take pictures after our workouts. How often do we spend long periods of time working out, but never have any proof? Unless you’re that girl who takes a selfie at the gym. Don’t be that girl. At least get your workout buddies in the pictures, and then it’s not bragging. Right? 😉


Super awkward action shot. How awesome is that old lady in the zumba class? It’s really high paced, and she was rocking it!


As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a bit obsessed with zumba. I love how I feel, I love the endorphin rush, and now I love the group photos! Viva zumba!! Oh, and since it’s breast cancer awareness month, go get your tatas checked!




    There’s even a few dudes in your class – awesome! How long did it take you to pick up the choreography? I’m a terrible dancer, so I’m not sure I’d ever make it in a workout like this!


    I would do zumba…only if no one could see.


    this. is. awesome! i love seeing all of the pink.

    and yeah. sweaty selfies are a no go. ha!

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