Piglet’s First Football Game

First, quick update on my FIL: He’s HOME! We’re headed there tomorrow to spend the night and visit. He has a long road to complete recovery, but the point is, he’s home, and he’s doing much better. Thank you all for the support and prayers.

So, last Friday, before we found out about my FIL’s stroke, Match and I took Piglet to his first football game. Our next door neighbor’s daughter is in the color guard, and they always go to every game. Their daughter has also babysat for Piglet in the past, so we thought we’d come show some support. I’m a sucker for high school football, and we were so excited to introduce Piglet to the sport. It was a gamble because it was way past his bedtime, but as always, he was a trooper!

He was so excited as we walked to the football field. This is his, wow, I get to stay up way past my bedtime face.



What do you mean I can’t go out there and play with them?


He had a great time watching the cheerleaders, the game, and dancing along to the music.

footballI can’t wait for the next home game!




    oh yeah! this is one of those times it would have helped to read in reverse


    what a little cutie you have on your hands!!

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