Birthday Weekend

I turned 31 yesterday! 31 and still getting carded. I’ll take it folks! 🙂 I received an amazing birthday present from my Aunt and Uncle who recently visited. I was blown away by their generosity. It was a new lens for my DSLR! I have been going a little picture crazy all weekend. Here’s a shot Match took right before my birthday dinner.


I love how Piglet scrunches up his face for photos. He has that trouble maker look down! Luckily he just has the look and is usually pretty well behaved! We took him to our favorite sushi restaurant, and this time we actually let him try some of it (all cooked pieces, but still!) He seemed to like it a lot. His favorite part of the dinner was flirting with every waitress that walked by.


He also grabbed the pen and tried to sign the check. Looks like dinner was his treat!

Saturday we just relaxed around the house. Went to the gym and then just lazed around. We really wanted to go do something outdoorsy. I had these great plans to take Piglet to a nearby children’s farm, but it was so dang hot out that we decided to wait. I’m so sick of this weather you guys. It was 103 on Saturday. 🙁 It zaps my motivation and leaves me depressed. I guess I’m opposite most people, because rain makes me happy! I live in the wrong state!!

Anyhoo, we took advantage of the somewhat cooler morning to have our breakfast outside and play a bit.


Sunday Match had to work, so I met up with Couple Wife, her sister and their kids for a play date at Train Town in Sonoma. The weather started out cooler, and I was excited to escape the heat. Then it shot up to the low 90s, and I was sweating like crazy. Piglet was a little overstimulated and insisted on being carried a lot. It didn’t help that he’s his own little furnace.  We were both pretty hot and tired by the end of the day, but we still had fun! Piglet got to ride his first train and his first carousel. He got a little scared of both, but he just held on tight to mama. I can’t wait to take him back when it’s a bit cooler, and when Match can join us!





    Happy Happy Birthday! I can’t believe how much Piglet is looking so much more like a toddler in these photos! I am jealous of your new lens what a great Aunt and Uncle!


    Happy birthday! Gorgeous photos! 🙂


    Glad you had a great birthday and so lucky to get a new lens! What lens was it? I have to ask of course. Love Piglet’s hair! The best! I am so over this heat too! Seriously enough!


    happpppppppy birthday my friend!!!! it sounds like you had the absolute perfect birthday with both of your guys 🙂
    i love the pictures you post of piglet… i really cannot believe how grown up he is getting—more boy, less baby. and that face… that face is just too cute for words.
    xoxoxo from the ec


    Happy birthday, my dear! I LOVE the first photo at the beginning of this post! Was your new lens a prime lens? It looks like it from the photos. My 50mm prime is one of my favorite lenses to shoot with!


    I am super late to the party but, happy birthday!


    WOW I have not visited for awhile….so Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday and I’m saying prayers for your FIL….all will be fine


    Happy happy (very belated!) birthday! Love the troublemaker look on little Piglet’s face 🙂 He’s going to be a heartbreaker. Also, holy hell that’s hot! I love fall temps and it’s cool and comfortable here for once (though I know it’s only a matter of time until they dip and we experience arctic blast again. WAH!).

    Sushi looks yummy!

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